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Where can DIY products be sold?

Apr 20, 2021

Where can DIY products be sold?

The DIY handmade shop is a market-oriented flexible money-making project. In addition to daily in-store sales, our DIY handmade shop can also undertake various channel activities, and both the shop and the channel can make profits together! Usually our channels are:

1: Kindergarten DIY courses, 

2: Primary school interactive manual courses, 

3: Interest classes and other joint activities of educational institutions, 

4: Real estate warm-up activities 

5: Auto show warm-up activities 

6: Corporate group purchase activities 

7: Children’s party activities 

8: All VIP customer feedback activity for commercial brands 

9: Corporate team building activity 10: Shopping mall diversion activity

Are you interested to sell DIY products? you can try to sell our DIY mini dollhouse.

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