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What is DIY?

May 18, 2021

What is DIY?

DIY is the abbreviation of Do It Yourself in English, literally translated as "do it yourself", and it means doing it yourself. DIY was originally a verb phrase, which is often used as an adjective, meaning "self-help", which was later replaced by "hell" after internetization, such as hell cake. After the formation of the concept of DIY, a related peripheral industry gradually emerged, and more and more people began to think about how to integrate DIY into their lives. The DIY computer saves the user some expenses to a certain extent, and also increases the user's freedom of configuration choices.

  DIY is short for DO IT YOURSELF. As our lives become more and more abundant and diversified, along with many useless daily necessities that cannot be handled, we have to throw away a lot of usable daily necessities. Learn to do DIY by yourself without spending a penny, without a little effort, easily transform old things, and instantly make things "talk" and "live". While making the production, you can put your heart into the gift and the affection into the blessing. What you see is unique in the world. Each DIY work has its own colorful side, and the products made are unique in the world. [1]

   In short, it means "do it yourself." To put it in a more popular way: rely on yourself! "New Words Dictionary" explained: refers to the way of buying accessories and assembling themselves. A more reasonable way to explain DIY is: I do it myself. Correspondingly: DIY is the abbreviation of Do It Yourself in English, and it can also be translated as Do It Yourself! In the past two years, another way to explain DIY is: Design It Yourself, which translates to design by yourself. In fact, what DIY refers to most is that some game enthusiasts assemble and configure their own computers, servers, workstations, etc. according to their own needs.

  DIY hypermarket

   Another industry that has emerged with DIY is a sales channel that sells DIY tools and materials (usually building materials) as the main business item. In addition to the most traditional hardware stores in this category, with the rise of the concept of chain stores and hypermarkets, the sales industry of DIY tools and materials has gradually combined with this type of business, resulting in a brand-new large-scale DIY chain. Stores, or as some such manufacturers call themselves-Home Improvement Center (Home Improvement Center). The main reason why DIY sales is particularly suitable for combining with large-scale stores is that some DIY tools or materials are very large, so they are not suitable for sales in scattered small stores. On the other hand, there are a wide range of building materials that may be used in a house, and they are not affordable by ordinary small and medium-sized stores. Therefore, the DIY retail market dominated by such large-scale stores has gradually formed all over the world. . In the distribution of DIY stores, the proportion of male consumers is much higher than that of women. In Europe and America, such stores are often the best space for many men to linger or spend time on weekends and holidays. What is more interesting is that some DIY hypermarkets in Taiwan also provide customers with home delivery and valet construction services after shopping. Such a service method actually contradicts the original concept of DIY, but it is quite popular among the people here with limited time and housing space. It is a special phenomenon that has been modified in response to different national conditions.

  DIY audio

   has always been envious of those who can make boxes by themselves. I thought a long time ago that if one day they could make a pair by themselves,

   Even if the sound is not very good, it must be a very meaningful thing.

  DIY phone case

  DIY mobile phone case started as early as 2000 in Japan, South Korea and other countries, and has now developed into a hot technology in the market. In fact, it is technical but not difficult. What DIY needs is creativity. If you are creative, you can make your own mobile phone case. It usually takes 2-3 hundred to sell finished DIY mobile phone cases on Taobao. It is recommended that you buy a Taobao mobile phone case DIY kit for only tens of yuan to design a unique mobile phone case in the world.

   According to Taobaolan shop’s production tutorial DIY mobile phone case requires the following materials. One piece of base film, glass diamonds, material shell, point drill pen, ab glue (need 1:1 mix use) or Japanese toyoe glue, triangle plate, tweezers, 10-compartment storage tray, utility knife, toothpicks. The drilling tutorial is as follows: 1. After attaching the base film to the material shell, use a blade to cut off the excess and dig out the camera hole. 2.1:1 Mix ab glue. (Japanese glue can be applied directly) 3. Apply glue to the base film. 4. Paste glass diamonds according to the color of the base film. As long as the above steps are required, you can post your own mobile phone case, the price is still very cheap, why not?

  DIY digital painting

The digital oil painting picture is divided into countless irregular small pieces with thin lines, and each small piece is marked with numbers or letters. As long as each piece is colored with the paint of the corresponding number or letter-acrylic, one oil painting works. It can be done easily. Even if you don’t have any painting skills, you can definitely paint

   Is a "Mona Lisa" very enjoyable?

Many people like European-style home decoration. Oil paintings are naturally a wonderful work of European style. Buying an oil painting costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is unavoidable. It looks good but not practical. It is not the best for petty bourgeoisie. select. The emergence of this kind of DIY digital oil painting now fits the tastes of the petty bourgeoisie. It is economical and beautiful. At a price of about 100 yuan, you can also enjoy the unlimited fun of DIY oil painting.

Digital oil painting and cross-stitch have the same effect. The owner of Caiyuehui told me that the painter only needs to paint the corresponding color carefully in the color block, and do not go beyond the border. Once the wrong color is applied, use it as soon as possible while the color is not dry. Wipe off the paper. As long as you work hard, you can finish the work smoothly even for the first time, in a simple two or three days, and a complicated one or two weeks. When painting, every color should be used up as much as possible, so that the color of the picture is full and rich in layers, and the texture of the oil painting is also stronger.

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