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The meaning and characteristics of DIY dollhouse toy promotion

Apr 29, 2021

1. The meaning of promotion

Promotion is sales promotion, which can be divided into broad and narrow sense. In a broad sense, promotion refers to all activities that can promote sales, and usually refers to four ways: advertising, business promotion, personnel sales, and public relations. Sales promotion in a narrow sense mainly refers to short-term customer purchase incentive behavior, and its meaning is similar to business promotion. Generally speaking, promotion is a tactical tool for corporate marketing. It has a combination of several methods, but it mainly focuses on the use of price levers to drive the interests of customers to promote the realization of short-term sales goals.

Promotion refers to the behavior that companies use various methods and channels to deliver information to customers, stimulate consumer desire, and ultimately achieve the purpose of persuading customers to buy. Some people think that promotion is a costly business and a cost center. In fact, we are more willing to regard the promotion behavior as an investment in the future of the company, and during the promotion process and after the promotion is completed, the company will usually get more profit and better corporate image than before, and will reap the rewards. More and more loyal customers. Therefore, promotion is a profit center and a business that is most worth investing in.

There are many types of promotion. From the perspective of achieving goals, there are mainly two types of corporate image promotion and sales promotion. Corporate image promotion is mainly realized through public relations activities, mass advertising and well-regulated business operations; while sales promotion mainly has three methods: consumer promotion, retailer promotion and transaction promotion. Because the chain operation enterprise itself belongs to the middle retail link, its main sales promotion activities are oriented to consumers.

2. Features of the promotion

Due to the unprecedented fierce competition in the market, modern promotion is not only more necessary than in the past, but also with the advancement of technology, its methods and methods are also more diverse. The characteristics of modern promotions can be summarized as follows.

(1) Modern promotion is a multi-dimensional network, rather than a single method. The dynamics, fluidity, exquisiteness and appeal to customers of modern promotions have been greatly enhanced than before, and moreover, they reflect the value of their own existence in a three-dimensional network-like manner. For customers, the advertisements on the bus body are a must-see every day; signs, flags, road signs, etc. can be seen everywhere; if you don’t pay attention, the DM slip will be in your own hands or on the car; POP advertisements in the store will dominate everyone at any time. A person’s eyes; originally didn’t plan to buy anything, but after seeing so many discounted goods, I couldn’t help but buy a lot; whether it’s reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, or watching TV, the more advertisements indicate the degree of acceptance The deeper it is, otherwise it would be impossible for so many companies to be willing to spend money on advertising. In addition to these common promotional methods, balloons, airplanes, airships, spaceships, and rockets in the sky have all become important carriers of commercial advertising. The Internet in the virtual world deeply affects people's lifestyles and has become the largest business platform that has not yet been fully explored. Modern promotion has largely relied on the virtual space of the network. Currently, online sales promotion mainly comes from three aspects: one is a professional e-commerce website, the other is an online mall with a large-scale integrated portal site, and the third is a B2B and B2C trading platform established by traditional manufacturers and retailers. The development of the Internet and e-commerce technology has made modern sales promotion truly a multi-dimensional network structure system.

(2) Promotion is an indispensable means of competition for modern enterprises. The success or failure of promotion directly determines the space for the survival and development of an enterprise. In an era where market competition is not too fierce, an enterprise can be a "businessman" sitting at home and waiting for customers to come. The quality of the business depends entirely on the wishes of the customers. A stage of production concept and product concept marketing. The increase in production output and the intensified market competition have forced "shangshang" to become "trading business". Enterprises need to send a large number of people to sell in order to sell products smoothly. In modern society, products are extremely abundant, and people have more choices. Whoever neglects information communication with customers will soon be forgotten by customers. Promotion, as the most important mode of corporate information communication, determines to a large extent The life and death of the enterprise.

(3) Modern sales promotion methods make people change from passive acceptance of promotion information to active reading. People used to be passive in receiving information from traditional media. However, due to the theme planning, scientific combination tools, and new technical methods in modern sales promotion, people increasingly rely on promotional content and desires before shopping. The stimulus becomes active to read. People often need to buy a Friday newspaper before buying large items, because there are a lot of newspaper advertisements on this day, and there are weekend discounts in major stores. If you spend one dollar on a newspaper, you can sometimes save thousands. Yuan Renminbi. In addition, people increasingly rely on DM orders for the purchase of daily consumer goods. Many large-scale supermarkets issue DM orders on a regular basis every week. On the one hand, customers can take the initiative to obtain DM orders, and on the other hand, stores will also send people to distribute them. People holding a DM sheet will carefully examine its content to buy the desired product.

(4) Modern promotion is a combination of promotions based on careful planning. In the past, the emphasis was on “one trick, eat all over the sky”. On the one hand, as long as the product is of good quality, there is no need to worry about losing sales. On the other hand, it also contains the uniqueness of a certain business method and promotion method. In modern society, only by doing a better job and comprehensively using various promotional methods can companies capture the attention of customers and attract customers to buy. It is almost impossible to win long-term competitive advantage by relying on a single promotional method that has remained unchanged for a long time in the past.

(5) Modern promotion is a continuously updated activity based on creative innovation. Some companies are subject to regional restrictions, and their profits mainly come from the purchases of old customers. The purpose of promotion is to stimulate new customers to try continuously, and the other is to increase the frequency and volume of purchases by old customers. Therefore, in the promotion design, one is to make the promotion a sustainable activity, and the other is to constantly update the content and methods of the promotion to make consumers feel innovative. At this point, creative innovation is promotion. An effective prerequisite for success.

(6) Modern sales promotion must implement customer value orientation. The biggest difference between modern promotion and old-style promotion is that modern promotion implements the concept of customer value orientation. It not only requires the maximization of customer value, but also requires the company to become the most important center for delivering value to customers. In short, modern sales promotion concepts require the delivery of truly valuable products and services to customers, so that customers can obtain value-for-money products at the least cost and with the greatest convenience.

The above is the relevant content of the meaning and characteristics of the DIY house toy promotion shared by the Hongda DIY house manufacturer. If you want to know how to make a DIY house, welcome to visit the DIY house manufacturer DIY toy tutorial column to provide you with DIY house making skills, DIY Knowledge about DIY toys such as house model design and manual creative assembly.

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