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The content of DIY house toy promotion plan

Jun 09, 2021

DIY house toy promotion plan refers to all the activities planned by DIY house toy according to the market conditions, in order to meet consumer demand and stimulate consumer desire, so as to achieve the purpose of expanding sales. Specifically, the specific content of the DIY house toy promotion plan is as follows.

1. Launch a promotional survey

The main objects of the promotion survey are: consumer surveys, surveys of competitors' competition methods and promotion methods, and surveys on the company's corporate image, promotion methods, and products.

The main methods of promotion surveys are: on-site observation, design, distribution, recycling, sorting and analysis of promotion questionnaires, telephone surveys, discussions with consumers, and mining of corresponding information through POS machine data analysis to obtain useful promotion planning ideas and directions.

The purpose of the promotion survey is to serve the planning. Planning is a science and requires certain information as a basis. The planners obtain information through the survey. Investigating consumers is to understand the characteristics of consumers and their consumption habits, so that they can accurately move the string of consumer desires. Investigating competitors is to make planning more competitive and targeted. Consumers are selective in shopping. Products with the same function are available in this store and that store. Collecting information from competitors can strengthen the pertinence accordingly and attract consumers to their side. The purpose of investigating myself is to know the image of the company in the minds of consumers, and to know whether the past promotion strategies are effective, so as to determine the direction of future promotion planning.


2. Recruitment and deployment of promoters

For DIY hut toys, a team is required for promotion planning and execution. The management of sales promotion personnel is one of the management of promotion planners and the other is the management of promotion executives. Generally speaking, due to the importance of planning work, DIY cottage toys have relatively high requirements for planners, and they are higher than general executives in terms of practical ability, academic qualifications, and personal comprehensive qualities. The specific promotion personnel come from two aspects: one type is from the company that produces the product, and there are long-term and short-term temporary promotion personnel of this type; the other type is from the store. Regardless of the type of salesperson, it involves issues such as understanding of the promotion plan, plan execution and coordination, and on-site problem solving. No matter how good a plan is, if it is not executed well, its advantages will not be reflected. Execution is the most critical link for the success or failure of the plan.

3. Public relations planning

In sales promotion planning, successful public relations event planning often has the characteristics of low cost, high challenge, and long duration. Because of this, public relations planning is more difficult. Public relations planning generally aims at social hot spots, taking public welfare activities as an opportunity, with the purpose of propagating corporate image, and using mass media to expand the company's reputation and reputation. Public relations planning can also use event marketing techniques, supplemented by certain advertisements, and may achieve better results. In short, for customers to pay for things, the publicity of corporate image is essential. Only with fame can you gain popularity. Then through the overall planning of promotional programs and creating a strong buying atmosphere, it is possible to achieve a more ideal effect.


4. On-site personnel promotion planning

We often find that in some shopping malls, almost no customers go home empty-handed. The most important reason is that the salespersons in these shopping malls are well-trained. In the end, the ones who don’t want to buy are bought, and the ones who want to buy are bought more. Even the customers are strange. Suddenly I realized that I still had so many unmet needs, so I happily spent money on shopping. But getting customers willing to pay for purchases is easier said than done. The goal of promotion planning is to make this kind of difficulty easy. From the point of view of the salesperson, customers need to show up immediately, do not go forward for self-service shopping, answer questions with courtesy and evidence, and move God patiently and enthusiastically.

People have many shopping experiences, one of which is that when customers are interested in a certain product and want to buy the product, there are often some small questions that need to be answered, but they can’t find the promoters, or the promoters are in , But if I ask three questions, I don’t know anything about the product, so the customer loses interest in buying, and the mall also loses a sales opportunity. Therefore, the promotion activities of on-site personnel are essential, it is the best weapon to prompt customers to buy immediately. To do this, good training must be given to on-site promoters. Not only training product knowledge and corporate knowledge, including the necessary technical knowledge training, but also to enable them to learn the skills of communicating with customers and sales skills. With this knowledge, and after long-term practice, it is possible for commercial enterprises to achieve the effect of preventing customers from going home empty-handed.


5. Business promotion planning

Business promotion is very important in promotion planning. Many people even think that modern promotion planning is a traditional business promotion activity. There are many types of business promotion, and most of them focus on price promotion, which can directly drive consumers' interests and is the most commonly used method in promotion planning.

6. Mass media advertising planning

There are three main forms of advertisements for DIY house toys: public service advertisements, corporate image advertisements and product promotion advertisements. According to specific operation steps and procedures, advertising planning can be divided into advertising survey, creative planning, advertising production, media selection and execution planning, advertising effect evaluation and feedback, etc. Advertising planning is a highly intelligent game. The success of planning not only depends on the creative spirit, but also has a direct relationship with the production level of the advertisement itself, the choice of media, and the execution. In addition to traditional television, newspapers, radio, and magazines, the mass media also have Internet media. '


7. Niche media advertising planning

Niche media advertising includes many media: bus advertising, street sign advertising, DM advertising and so on. DM is a form of advertising, and DM means direct mail. The reason why DM advertising is emphasized here is that the promotion plans of many commercial enterprises have become DM plans to a large extent. The design of DM is becoming more and more exquisite, and its importance in promotion planning is getting stronger and stronger. There are more and more forms of DM, and consumers are more and more accepting of DM. All of this shows that DM is one of the most effective ways for companies to deliver promotional information to customers.

8. Online promotion planning

The number of Chinese netizens is showing a trend of rapid growth. A large number of consumers, especially young people, are increasingly inclined to online shopping, and online shopping has even become a fashion today. They collect product information, buy products, and even look for online business opportunities on the Internet every day. Many young people still open their own shops online. All this tells companies that ignoring online promotion planning must be an unforgivable mistake. The way of online promotion is based on the Internet. Therefore, studying the network to make it meet the requirements of promotion planning is a work that chain business enterprises must pay attention to, and it requires specialized personnel to complete it.


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