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Preparation work before the cash register of the Gufeng architectural model company's sales

May 11, 2021

Preparation work before the cash register of the Gufeng architectural model company's sales

1. Formulation of the accounting and control system for the cashier business of the ancient architectural model

The sale of antique architectural models is mainly for the final consumer, so the cashier mainly collects cash, and a considerable part of the sales income is quasi-cash, that is, various types of cheques, credit cards, water tickets, rice tickets, milk tickets, etc. Delivery coupons. In addition, the cashier at the store also involves the economic relationship between different personnel, such as the cash settlement relationship between the cashier and the financial personnel of the antique architectural model, and the handover relationship between different cashiers in the same cash register position. Therefore, the ancient architectural model should design a reasonable accounting and control procedure to accurately calculate the sales revenue of the goods and ensure that the headquarters returns the sales funds in a timely manner. At the same time, the responsibilities of their respective positions should be clarified, and the coordination between different positions and different personnel Economic relationship between.

Generally speaking, the reasonable accounting and control procedures of the ancient style architectural model cashier business should include at least three aspects: one is to establish the standard and internal control of the cashier business; the second is to improve the quality of cashiers; the third is to Strengthen the daily inspection of cashiers.

Good cash register business specifications are the system guarantee for the ancient style building model cash register business. High-quality cashiers are the performers of the cash register business specifications, and the daily check of the cash register is used to check whether the performers are operating in accordance with the cash register business specifications. Therefore, the daily check of the cash register is in a very important position in the cash register business. The content of cashier inspection work includes the following points.

(1) Spot check the cash register. Relevant personnel such as professional inspectors, store managers or shift supervisors should check the cash register at any time from time to time every day to check the performance of the cash register. The content of the spot check mainly includes whether the actual amount received is equal to the receivable amount, whether the total discount amount is equal to the recorded amount of the discount record sheet, whether the password and program settings in the cash register have been changed, and each cash register is necessary Whether the items are complete, whether the cashier’s etiquette services are good, and whether the cashier’s business specifications are complied with.

(2) Count the cash in the vault. Count the amount of all cash and quasi-cash in the vault and check it with the amount recorded in the vault cash receipts and payments to determine whether the two are consistent.

(3) Compile a daily business settlement schedule. The daily business settlement schedule must be compiled regularly, continuously, and correctly. It is an important original document for calculating various financial data and determining the responsibilities of all parties in the future.

(4) Check the cash register in the front and back office. Carefully check whether the "intermediate collection" at the front desk is consistent with the "treasury expenditure" at the backend, and whether the original vouchers such as the "intermediate payment form" are truthfully filled in each time the "intermediate collection" business is performed, and the relevant supervisors' cash receipts and expenditures Whether the processing is honest, etc.

2. Preparation of petty cash

In order not to affect the change of merchandise sales, the antique architectural model must have enough pocket money. The petty cash is cash that is specially used to collect money and change it. This cash is always deposited in the ancient architectural model and does not need to be handed over to the headquarters, but the headquarters must control and manage this petty cash.

The headquarters generally adopts the form of reserve funds to control and manage the petty funds of the ancient architectural model. First, determine the petty cash quota according to the different sales of each antique architectural model, and then allocate the reserve fund at a time according to the determined quota. The petty cash fixed amount can be adjusted accordingly according to the changes in the sales of different stores.

The above is the relevant content of the preparation work before the cash register of the ancient style building model company’s sales of the ancient style building model company shared by the Hongda IY cottage manufacturer. If you want to know how to make a DIY cottage, welcome to visit the DIY toy tutorial section of the DIY cottage manufacturer to provide you with DIY cottage making skills , DIY house model design, manual creative assembly and other DIY toys related knowledge.

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