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Optimising sales during the coronavirus outbreak

May 14, 2021

When we interviewed homebuyers over a month ago on this topic, 17% said they were planning on DIY over the Easter holidays with a further 19% saying they might use the holiday as a chance to improve areas of the home. Since then, the coronavirus pandemic has turned normality on its head and we’re spending more time at home than ever before, but what does that mean for DIY activity?

Recently, advice from a number of medical societies urged to the public to stick to necessary household jobs and to avoid any activity which increases the risk of accidents to reduce any additional pressure on the NHS. In a recent study on flexible monthly spending during the coronavirus outbreak we asked consumers whether they’d be spending more or less on DIY / home improvements than usual.

Results were split (25% spending more, 24% spending less) a mixed result which undoubtedly takes into consideration the formal advice communicated to the public and the ease of the tasks in question.

But despite the advice, it’s inevitable with this extra time on our hands that repairs will need to be made and those jobs that have been put off for a while will be top of the to-do list. In-store, as we know, is the dominant shopping channel for the DIY industry. Whilst the bricks and mortar stores are closed for the foreseeable future, retailers will need to ensure they’re providing an ‘in-store experience’ on their websites as much as possible.

Making sure that online services are set up to provide advice and safety tips on tools and materials, offer flexible payment solutions and put in place reasonable delivery and return policies will be key to retailer success. Implementing such initiatives will give consumers the confidence to purchase via an unfamiliar method for this category in unfamiliar times.

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