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New Dollhouse Minature For Cat Cafe Garden

Jul 06, 2021

New dollhouse minature for Cat Cafe Garden

Hello my friend, I would like to share the new design for you. 

In the coming days, we will launch new dollhouse, it calls "Cat Cafe Garden".

Mainly a coffee shop with cats as the theme. In the current social pressure, cats can bring healing to people, so cat cafe is a warm and relaxing environment, and it is a warm time with cats; come to cat cafe People are young people who love cats, so sunshine, cuteness, and comfort are the main directions of product design; because cats are relatively short animals, they have to interact with cats, so the decorative furniture inside is biased towards short and sitting relatively Comfortable type; the birthplace of cat coffee is Japan, so it will be mixed with some Japanese elements, such as tatami, which is also a decoration style that is easier to get close to cats.

Do you like our new design? welcome to visit our website and view more.

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