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Mini dollhouse receiving operation process

May 20, 2021

Regardless of whether the goods are delivered to the mini hut by the distribution center of the chain company headquarters or directly delivered to the mini hut by the supplier, the goods need to go through a strict acceptance process during the purchase work. The goods after the inspection can be put into the warehouse for storage or processing, or Go directly to the store to sell. The specific receiving operation process is shown in Figure 7-3.

(1) Check the order records. Before the goods are collected, the order records of the Mini Hut should be checked in detail, and the goods listed in the delivery note should be checked whether the name, specification, quantity, amount, etc. of the goods ordered by the Mini Hut match. If they are consistent, print the receipt and unload the goods, move the goods into the corresponding work area, and wait for acceptance.

(2) Acceptance of goods. Acceptance personnel inspect and accept the goods that need to be received. The specific inspection content includes: the quantity of goods, the weight and specifications of the goods, the composition of the goods, the manufacturer's situation and the label, the date of manufacture and the expiration date, the quality of the goods, the status of the delivery vehicle, and the delivery Personnel etc. For commodities with a large order quantity, random inspections can be made according to a certain proportion; for valuable commodities, unpacking and unpacking must be checked and accepted one by one; for broken boxes of commodities, unpacking and unpacking inspection must be carried out, and the quantity must be checked. After the acceptance is qualified, the inspector signs and seals the purchase documents. At the same time, the inspector should fill in the corresponding record form in time.

Commodities with no production date, no manufacturer, no address, no shelf life, and product labels that do not comply with relevant national laws and regulations will be rejected; commodities that have deteriorated, have expired, or are close to the shelf life should also be rejected.

(3) Qualified goods are put into storage and put on shelves. After the acceptance, according to the specific demand of the goods, it should be determined that the goods are stacked in the warehouse or directly enter the store. For the goods stored in the warehouse, put them in the appropriate storage area according to the nature of the goods and storage requirements; for the goods that need to enter the store directly, fill in the corresponding outbound form, go through the outbound procedures, record the corresponding files, and then Put the goods out of the warehouse and put them on the shelves directly into the sales link.

(4) Fill in the receipt documents. After receiving the goods, the receiver should write the total quantity of the goods on the order form. At the same time, the quantity of the delivery note and the purchase order is reviewed, and if there is no difference, the computer input is performed, and the receipt note is printed in duplicate. The receiver and the delivery person respectively sign the receipt and then file it. At the same time, the inspection personnel should fill out the goods acceptance form according to the acceptance situation, and record the acceptance situation in detail as the basis for receiving the goods for the mini hut.

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