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Market Prospects Of The DIY Industry

Jul 07, 2021

In 2008, among the small and medium-sized investment projects in China's hottest investment field, the manual DIY industry project ranked third. Why is the industry of manual DIY projects so valued by small and medium investors? During the Spring Festival, Central 4 and Central 7 both reported on DIY handmade projects and crystal flower projects, and also reported that investors have gained huge wealth in this project!


DIY economy

In the era of pursuing fashion, uniqueness, and novelty, young people like to be new and different. They are not satisfied with the ready-made products in department stores. Therefore, the DIY economy is heating up and it has become a new gold rush. Different from ordinary shops, the workshop advocates the new consumption concept of "Do It Yourself (DIY)". Its selling point is not the product itself, but the process of making the product. For consumers, it means turning their ideas into reality and experiencing the joy of creation; for entrepreneurs, they are trying new ways of starting a business.


Entrepreneurship: Pottery Bar, Decoration Bar, Cross-Stitch House, Paper Art Shop, Fashion Handmade Soap, Silk Mesh Flower, Handmade Toy Shop, Wool Knitting Bar, Crystal Flower Workshop, etc.


1. Love ensemble


It mainly focuses on the market development of lovers' tokens and lovers' fashion handmade couples' workshops. Couples' business is an important part of fashion handmade. Lovers who are in love are the first choice followers of fashion. They are more enthusiastic about fashion than ordinary people. Their capital investment and time investment in fashion are often in an irrational state. As long as it is a gift that suits the lover’s mood, no matter how expensive the price is, they They can't give up, and often one business outperforms several others. Therefore, working hard to do a good job in the business of couples can bring unexpected financial resources to the store.


2. Family ensemble


Mainly focus on the market development of the affection between parents and children. The gifts that parents give to children and the gifts that children give to parents are important ways for modern families to embody affection. As a family gift, people now generally advocate making it by oneself, abandoning the bad habit of buying high-end ready-made products in the past, and paying more attention to a kind of benefit and sentiment, and fashionable handwork particularly meets this demand. In addition, because modern urban life restricts people's hands-on opportunities, fashionable handwork has also become a means to improve children's hands-on ability. We have launched fashionable hand-made entertainment activities with parent-child theme.


3. Friendship Ensemble


Mainly focus on the development of the gift market between classmates and friends. The friendship between classmates and friends is an important link to maintain modern interpersonal relationships. This kind of feeling is more beyond the material scope. Gifts between classmates and friends do not matter whether they are valuable or not. The important thing is to convey the heart of the giver more accurately. The infinite and rich variety world of fashionable handwork can fully meet the deep demand of this kind of friendship transmission. Friendship gifts are an important part of the fashion handmade market, especially graduation gifts, winter and summer vacation gifts. Both are important ways to expand income.


4. Mood ensemble


As long as we pay attention to the market development of personalized products for modern fashionistas, for some people, fashion handwork is purely an emotion, a way of self-relaxation and self-intoxication. This kind of people play fashion crafts purely because of the needs of their mood.


Not for friends or relatives, completely


It's because they like it. Most of these people are temperamental or fashion pioneers. Once they like fashion craftsmanship, they will often forget their feelings and indulge in them, and then become fashion crafts enthusiasts and loyal consumers of fashion craftsmanship.


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