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Management of return and exchange of DIY mini dollhouse toys

Apr 22, 2021

1. Reasons for returned goods

The reasons for returns and exchanges are: poor quality, wrong order, wrong delivery, expired products, consignment products, products requested by customers for return, unsalable products specified by the headquarters, etc. Product returns and exchanges are generally not acceptable to manufacturers, unless the quality is proved to be poor, so there must be a prior agreement on specific returns and exchanges.

2. Standards for return and exchange of goods

Refundable standards: returned goods are required by the purchasing department to be returned. Generally, the quantity is relatively large and belongs to seasonal goods, unsalable goods, etc.; goods with quality problems have been inspected by relevant national government agencies; and suppliers who have the conditions for return Commodities; are commodities that are found to have quality problems by customers after being sold, especially commodities such as clothing, shoes, and home appliances.

Non-returnable goods: goods or a certain batch of goods without a return agreement; the quantity and amount of the returned goods are too small to go through the return procedures; the goods are not defective due to the supplier's fault, such as contaminated hygiene products and the goods are opened by the customer Loss after packaging, etc.; merchandise damaged by sales staff or customers; expired merchandise; lack of packaging or accessories for home appliances, unmatched clothing, etc.; samples displayed in the store for display.

3. Handling of returned goods

The return and exchange can be done separately, or the return journey can be used to bring the returned goods back. In order to improve the efficiency of the operation, DIY small house toys should coordinate with the headquarters distribution center or supplier's purchase operation as far as possible, and use the purchase return journey to bring the returned goods back. The specific processing flow is as follows.

(1) Notify the corresponding sales personnel to count and sort the returned and exchanged goods, and send them to the warehouse for registration and storage.

(2) The sales personnel fill out the return and exchange application form, and after the supervisor has reviewed and signed it, send the return application form to the purchasing department, and notify the corresponding supplier to handle the return and exchange.

(3) After receiving the notice, the supplier shall go through the relevant return and exchange procedures. For goods that need to be exchanged, the supplier should send the exchanged goods to the DIY house toy for acceptance within the time limit specified in the supply contract, and then send it to the warehouse and update the replacement status. At the same time, retrieve the returned goods and complete the exchange procedures . For the goods that need to be returned, the supplier should go to the purchasing department to receive the return form, and register with the DIY cottage toy warehouse with the return form to retrieve the returned goods. For returned goods, the return form should be submitted to the supervisor for review and signature, and the purchaser shall prepare the return report and send it to the accounting department for deduction and complete the return procedure.

4. Matters needing attention when handling returns and exchanges

The return and exchange business can be coordinated with the purchase business, and the exchange can be brought back by the way through the return journey of the purchase. The following matters should be noted in the return and exchange business.

(1) Supplier confirmation, that is, first find out the supplier or delivery unit of the goods to be returned.

(2) Fill in the return application form, indicating its quantity, product name and reason for return.

(3) The returned goods should be properly stored, generally should be placed in the designated returned goods area, and stored separately according to the supplier or delivery unit.

(4) Contact all suppliers or delivery units in time to handle returns and exchanges.

(5) The method, time and amount of deduction should be confirmed when returning the goods.

The above is the relevant content of the DIY house toy return and exchange management that Hongda DIY dollhouse manufacturer shares for you. If you want to know how to do DIY dollhouse, welcome to visit the DIY toy tutorial column of DIY cottage manufacturer to provide you with DIY cottage making skills, DIY Knowledge about DIY toys such as house model design and manual creative assembly.

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