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How To Buy The DIY Dollhouse?

Jul 22, 2021

The Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan are ready to open. Are my dear friends also full of expectations? I believe many friends are looking forward to watching the game on the spot!

Speaking of Japan, what do you think of? Sakura, kimono, izakaya, sushi or. . ? Do you want to create a Japanese-style mini dollhouse that combines the above elements by yourself? So, let's take a look at the following Japanese dollhouses first.




Is this the type you like? I believe many friends will ask, where can I buy these cute Japanese doll houses? I can tell you with confidence that only Guangzhou Hongda Crafts Co., Ltd. has these miniature dollhouses. You can search for ‘Japanese dollhouse’,’Hongda dollhouse’, and’Hoomeda dollhouse’ in major search engines. In addition, you can also buy through offline toy retail stores, DIY handmade shops, boutiques, gift shops and other channels.

If you want to expand your business scope and add more product categories, you can also contact us Guangzhou Hongda Crafts for business negotiation. We sincerely welcome all business consultation and cooperation on sales and customized DIY dollhouse!

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