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Hot Sale DIY Dollhouse in June

Jun 24, 2021

It is now approaching the end of June, and it feels like time flies! why? Because we had a TOP 1 competition with 11 outstanding companies, we had a very fulfilling day every day.

By the way, this month we also have a promotional event! Do you want to know which doll houses are on sale this month? So let me introduce it to you today!

If you read this article, you also want to participate in our promotional activities and enjoy more discounts, then act now! There is still a chance now!

Top 5: Dream Paradise&Children's Park dollhouse


Reasons for the list: new style/self-contained movement/color light

Top4: Coloured Glaze Time dollhouse


Reasons for the list: English packaging/color matching is good-looking/warm

Top3: Legend Of The Blue Sea dollhouse


Reasons for the list: classic models/high cost performance/large discounts

Top 2: 9-in-1 dollhouse dollhouse


Reasons for being on the list: Interesting / Cheap / Comes with a dust cover

Top 1:First meet dollhouse


Reasons for listing: High search volume/rich content/large discounts

How about it? Is there any style you like in it? Our doll house promotion will end next Wednesday, and now orders can be delivered on time. There will be not so much inventory if we are late. I hope you can seize the opportunity!

More news please kindly click the Hongda DIY mini dollhouse:

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