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Hongda Craft Give To Love Letter To You Dollhouse

Jul 29, 2021

Everyone knows that Western Valentine's Day is February 14th, and March 14th is Japanese Valentine's Day, so do you know when Chinese Valentine's Day is?

Chinese Valentine's Day is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month every year! Why is this day? This is derived from a fairy tale. The heroine of the fairy Weaver and the hero Cowherd can only meet on this day a year. To commemorate their unswerving love, the folks gave this day as "China's Valentine's Day".

With the arrival of Valentine's Day, what will you give to your partner? Rose, perfume, lipstick or? Of course don’t miss Hongda Craft’s Give to Love Letter to You dollhouse! Give to Love Letter to You dollhouse breaks the traditional design, it is composed of two sides. The designer of Give to Love Letter to You dollhouse has meticulously designed two photo frames, which you can use to place photos or postcards of you and your lover. At the same time, on the frame side, it is a bridal shop. This mini wedding dress, this Does the shining diamond give you the urge to get married? If you regard Give to Love Letter to You dollhouse as a wedding gift, I believe girls will say "I do!" 


The other side of Give to Love Letter to You dollhouse is the scene of the wedding scene. This colorful balloon is full of flowers and green leaves. Does the door frame feel very good?


Hongda Craft dollhouse is not only limited to the traditional dollhouse kits design, but also good at designing scenes, such as wedding miniature, clothing shop miniature, outdoor scene miniature and so on!If you have inquiry about OEM/ODM dollhouse design,welcome to send us inquiry!

For more information, please click Hongda Craft dollhouse official website information!

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