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Customized purchase plan for DIY house

Apr 28, 2021

The procurement planning link is the first step in the entire procurement work for house model customization. House model customization requires a series of issues such as what to purchase, how much to purchase, where to purchase, and when to purchase, etc., and to formulate a purchase plan based on this in order to strengthen purchase management.

1. Purpose of preparing purchase plan

The purchase plan of franchise house model customization is to maintain the normal business and sales activities of house model customization, and a pre-arrangement of how much and what materials should be purchased at a certain period of time. The procurement plan should achieve the following objectives.


(1) Estimate the quantity and time required for the goods to prevent supply interruptions from affecting sales activities. In the sales activities of house model customization, the products needed for sales must be available when needed and can meet the needs, otherwise the sales will be interrupted due to insufficient or insufficient supply of the products. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate a purchase plan and proceed with the purchase at an appropriate time to ensure the continuous operation of the business.

(2) Avoid excessive inventory, backlog of funds and occupation of storage space, and reduce inventory and costs. In the business process of house model customization, inventory is inevitable and sometimes necessary. Therefore, the custom house model requires the storage of certain goods, but excessive storage of goods will take up a large amount of funds and affect the normal turnover of funds. At the same time, it will increase market risks, cause a backlog of goods, and produce unsalable goods.


(3) Customized sales plan and capital budget in line with the house model. The purchase activities of house model customization are closely related to sales activities and directly serve the sales activities. Therefore, the purchase plan is generally formulated based on the sales plan to ensure that the appropriate products are purchased to meet the needs of customers. In addition, the budget is to systematically reflect the goals of the company’s purchase decisions in the future through relevant data. The formulation of the purchase plan requires a purchase budget customized by the house model to control the cost, reduce the company’s purchase risk and rationally arrange limited resources. , To ensure the efficiency of resource allocation.

(4) Prepare the purchasing department to choose favorable opportunities to purchase goods. In a rapidly changing market, it is not easy to seize favorable buying opportunities. Only by formulating a complete and feasible procurement plan in advance can the procurement staff be fully prepared for purchase and purchase goods at an appropriate time without "temporarily embracing the Buddha's feet."

2. Formulation of purchase plan

The commodity purchase plan is the predictive arrangement and deployment of the house model customization management staff on the number of commodities to be purchased and the purchase time of the business activities during the year of the house model customization plan. Generally speaking, the formulation of a commodity procurement plan can be considered from three aspects.

(1) Carry out statistical analysis based on the previous sales situation, and work out the varieties, names, models, specifications and quantities that should be purchased in the current period.

(2) Refer to the inventory, if there is more inventory, you can enter less. If funds are abundant, products that are well sold can also be increased appropriately.

(3) Make some appropriate adjustments according to the current market conditions.

3. The specific development process of the house model custom merchandise procurement plan

(1) Determine the key points of the procurement plan. To a certain extent, a commodity plan is a plan that determines the amount of commodity purchases. Commodity plans should be worked out on the basis of analysis of various internal and external intelligence materials. Among them, there are two key points: one is to determine the product series and inventory that should be prepared every month or every quarter; the second is to determine the amount of inventory Within the scope of, make a plan for the preparation of goods.

(2) Determine the procurement budget. Purchasing budgets are generally formulated on the basis of sales budgets, and within the scope of the purchasing budgets, a commodity purchase plan is formulated.

In the process of implementing the procurement budget, sometimes the situation will change, so it is necessary to make appropriate revisions. For example, if the house model is customized, after the price reduction or discount is implemented, the sales amount needs to be increased; if the store inventory temporarily adds promotional products, the amount of new products needs to be reduced from the budget.


(3) Determine the items and quantity of purchased commodities. What kind of commodity items to purchase is determined after analyzing and researching the collected relevant market information. In this process, in addition to the past experience in selecting commodity items, market trends, new product conditions, and seasonal changes, it is also important to consider the arrangement of main commodities and auxiliary commodities. After confirming the purchase project, the house model customization should be reported to the headquarters, and the purchase can only be carried out after the headquarters has approved it.

The quantity of purchased goods will affect sales and inventory, as well as sales costs and operating efficiency. If you purchase too many commodities, it will increase the storage costs of the store's commodities; the long-term occupation of funds will also affect the turnover rate and utilization rate of the funds. However, if the purchase of goods is too small to meet the needs of customers, the store will appear to be out of stock and lose the opportunity to sell. Moreover, every time you purchase too few goods, you must ensure the supply of goods, which will inevitably increase the number of purchases. Frequent purchases will Increase purchase expenses.


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